Holiday Crackers

I’ve had a couple people reach out and say they have some last minute gifts to give and wondered if these were easy to make. The answer is YES! And they’re cheap, too!! Here is a link to my cricut page with the images. You will need: White Cardstock Paper (ONE 8.5 x 11 sheet … More Holiday Crackers

Birthday Box

Part of my care package fun has been to do Birthday Boxes for my nieces and nephews during their birthday month! In March we have three birthdays!! Luckily, it’s three girls so I was able to buy similar things and then buy little personal items to make them unique.  The base of the package is … More Birthday Box

News to Me

It’s so hard to keep on top of the news nowadays and watching CNN and MSNBC can feel like you’re just watching a bunch of talking heads yell at each other while being interrupted by the same “Breaking News” every 15 minutes. I get my news through four ways. LA Times (I have subscription and get … More News to Me

January Round Up

January was a rough and extra long month! I feel like I am still recovering, hence the super late post date! Above are the products I used in January and absolutely LOVED! I highly recommend all of these, especially the R+Co dry shampoo mist. I can do a circuit class at the gym and then … More January Round Up

XOXO Care Packages

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!  There are so many cute things to make and there’s red, pink, and purple all over the place.  People get more and more creative and create the cutest crafts for us to make!  I am grateful to all creative people who create files that I can then … More XOXO Care Packages

Let’s Hang Out!

I have 13 nieces and nephews and it’s hard to do something cute for all of them every holiday because there are so many of them! So, this year I decided to make a care package for each holiday and rotate families! My nieces and nephews in Texas got the Lunar New Year package, my … More Let’s Hang Out!

Valentine Round Up

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Nine days and counting! I put together a list of all of my favorite valentines from this year and previous years if you are struggling to find good options for your kids classmates or for your galentine crew. My three favorite places to find cute valentines are: House that Lars Built, … More Valentine Round Up

Scams and Schemes

I spent last weekend watching all the documentaries ever made on the Fyre Festival and I wanted more!  I couldn’t believe this thing went down!  I enjoyed watching the Netflix one first then the Hulu one if you haven’t seen them yet and want to catch up this weekend. Since I haven’t heard about any … More Scams and Schemes