Birthday Box


Part of my care package fun has been to do Birthday Boxes for my nieces and nephews during their birthday month! In March we have three birthdays!! Luckily, it’s three girls so I was able to buy similar things and then buy little personal items to make them unique.  The base of the package is the same, I’ve included a photo and links to all of the things I included.  The twins in Texas got slime, scrunches, and nail polish while my niece in northern orange county will get books on outer space and I am thinking a little music note necklace or something that shows her interest in musical theater.  I love getting things in the mail and I hope it’s just as fun for them! Head below for all of the links:

Birthday cake box: Confetti cannon (big confetti): Flower box: Happy Birthday headband: Happy Birthday box: Rainbow piñata: Monogrammed necklace with wrapping: Happy birthday banners – blue ombré and colorful

The Cricut helps in making the packages one of a kind, but it’s not necessary. Paper Source and Target have so many cute/unique items that you don’t need to own a Cricut, or even be all that crafty, to make a Birthday care package! Just find out what the person is into and then add lots of candy 🙂

A little trick I learned to making the USPS box a bit cuter was to get wrapping paper, or even printer paper, and line the inside of the box with it! It just makes it feel more put together and less “home-made.”


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