News to Me

It’s so hard to keep on top of the news nowadays and watching CNN and MSNBC can feel like you’re just watching a bunch of talking heads yell at each other while being interrupted by the same “Breaking News” every 15 minutes. I get my news through four ways.

  1. LA Times (I have subscription and get the digital paper emailed to me every morning.)
  2. Crooked Media Newsletter (I end my day with this newsletter. It’s amazing! It has everything you need to know along with links to the articles)
  3. The New Yorker (I have a subscription and the magazine is delivered to my home every Saturday. It’s a great place to get opinion pieces and understand how all of the news we are reading every day impacts our daily lives.)
  4. Podcasts (So many. Everyday. Quick and easy!)

My favorite news podcast are:

Can He Do That? (Podcast by the Washington Post. Depending on what Trump is up to there could be 1 post per week or 4).

Pod Save America (Created by former Obama speech writers and staff members, they talk about the things you absolutely need to know and their opinions on it.)

The Daily (Podcast by The New York Times. It’s usually a little over 20 minutes and talks about the days most important news. They interview lots of great people and help give you a quick overlook on the hot topic of the day).

And my most favorite podcast because it’s a bit lighter and makes me laugh out loud every single week is Keep it! It’s also done by Crooked Media and talks pop culture, politics, and more. Get your lol on and listen to this podcast every week!

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