A Little Bit About Me…

Porteña: a person who is from or lives in a port city.

My name is Emilia Gazzoni Gaskell. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Sanatorio Agote. We lived in Palermo until we came to the United States in 1989. I grew up in Orange County, surrounded by other Argentine families, that have become such close friends that to call them friends seems impersonal. I refer to them often as my “kinda cousins.” In 2007 I met my now husband. We were “friends,” or so I thought, for a good year before we fell in love! We dated 5 years and got married on January 11, 2013 in Los Angeles on the coldest, most windy day of the year (but at least it was sunny :). We currently live in Orange County with our cat Crosby, Moses, and Alfie, and have a sweet angel baby cat named Tomas. I like to sew and craft, I love throwing a good party, or better yet, decorating any party! I studied Philosophy, Dance, and Pilates in school, and incorporate all three into my daily life. I paint my nails for fun and truly enjoy Lifetime and Hallmark original movies. I hope this blog can teach you something new, or at the very least kill a couple of minutes. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope I can be a good blogger to you.

If you want to check out my old blog, you can click here. There you will find some crafts, dresses I’ve made, and pictures of our fabulous wedding 🙂

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