Let’s Hang Out!

I have 13 nieces and nephews and it’s hard to do something cute for all of them every holiday because there are so many of them! So, this year I decided to make a care package for each holiday and rotate families! My nieces and nephews in Texas got the Lunar New Year package, my nieces in Southern Orange County got a Valentine’s Day care package, my nieces and nephews in Northern Orange County will the get a St. Patrick Day care package, and my niece in San Diego will get an Easter care package. Then we will loop back around to the Texas kiddos! With the bigger holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter I thought it might be fun to send a small little package to the other families that didn’t get the main care package. This might big harder and harder to keep up as my workload and school-load increase throughout the year, but right now it’s lots of fun!

I included the following in my Sloth themed package:

  1. “I Love You Slooow Much” Garland I made with Lia Griffith‘s SVG and the Cricut
  2. Sloth Valentine’s Cards here (subscription needed) and here (free!)
  3. Sloth Candy Huggers
  4. Sloth Crackers using the Cricut and Sloth gift wrap

Happy Valentine’s Week!

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