Valentine Round Up

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Nine days and counting! I put together a list of all of my favorite valentines from this year and previous years if you are struggling to find good options for your kids classmates or for your galentine crew.

My three favorite places to find cute valentines are: House that Lars Built, Etsy, and Lia Griffith. You can find SO many options just by punching in “Valentine” into the search bar. Below are the links so that you can print them and start stuffing them with candy.


  1. Tassel Heart Favor Box (Free) I would make these with felted balls and store bought tassels, that way you don’t have to make the boxes and the pompoms.
  2. Friendship Bracelet Valentine (Free) These heart bracelets are super cute to add if you’re just making a few for friends. If you’re making more then I would purchase these friendship bracelets.
  3. Paintbrush Valentines (Free) She includes all of the links to the supplies needed for this craft!
  4. Salvation Mountain Valentines (Free) Super easy! Just print and go! A great option if your child’s class doesn’t allow you to bring treats with your Valentines.
  5. Unicorn Valentine (Need to purchase file and spiral lollipops)
  6. Animal Huggers to go with Sloth Valentines (Subscription needed)
  7. Heart Glasses Valentines (Subscription Needed)
  8. Heart and Arrow Valentine (Subscription Needed) I would actually make these with these pens and not add any felt to it! Make it even easier. You can also purchase these arrow erasers to keep the “heart and arrow” feel. You can cut the hearts out by hand and then just add these pencils with the erasers already on them and you’re good to go!
  9. Heart Candy Box (Free) These are pretty tiny! I just added Hugs and Kisses to mine.
  10. Conversation Heart Gift Box (Etsy) These are cute if you’re making a few for close friends! They’re not the easiest to put together, but once you make one they go by pretty fast! I made four while watching that new Ted Bundy show on Netflix; then I was terrified to go outside. BUT I had four adorable heart boxes ha ha 🙂

Send me photos of your valentines if you make some!!

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