Oh Hey 2019!

“New year, new me!” Not really though, I am sure I will fall right back into the same old habits from yester year ha ha ☺ “New year, new calendar,” although a less popular phrase, is a truer phrase. I have compiled a list with links to my favorite 2019 calendars! All but one are … More Oh Hey 2019!

Friday Finds

I want to do a new segment called, Friday Finds! I thought it could be a post where I can share something new that I bought and love, and think you might love, too! Today’s find is one I am very excited to share. I love Indian gauze dresses, but they can get REAL pricy! … More Friday Finds

Trying in 2018

  Wellp it’s been forever. A lot happened in 2017. Good things, like a new position in my job, a Disney cruise, and Bengal kittens. Bad things, the worst thing to have happened to me yet, losing our baby Bengal Tomas. Tomas was 11 months, we still miss him every single day. TumTum had an … More Trying in 2018