Scams and Schemes

I spent last weekend watching all the documentaries ever made on the Fyre Festival and I wanted more!  I couldn’t believe this thing went down!  I enjoyed watching the Netflix one first then the Hulu one if you haven’t seen them yet and want to catch up this weekend. Since I haven’t heard about any … More Scams and Schemes

Oh Hey 2019!

“New year, new me!” Not really though, I am sure I will fall right back into the same old habits from yester year ha ha ☺ “New year, new calendar,” although a less popular phrase, is a truer phrase. I have compiled a list with links to my favorite 2019 calendars! All but one are … More Oh Hey 2019!

Friday Finds

I want to do a new segment called, Friday Finds! I thought it could be a post where I can share something new that I bought and love, and think you might love, too! Today’s find is one I am very excited to share. I love Indian gauze dresses, but they can get REAL pricy! … More Friday Finds