What’s Old is New

One of my favorite things about fashion is that every thing that once was old is new again. I collect old patterns, and for the past couple years I have seen my old patterns come to life in current stores! I will be browsing online stores or scrolling on Instagram and I will come across a dress that looks like one of my dress patterns from the 70’s or a top from the 80’s. It is so fun to see something that was fashionable 30 or 40 years ago come back to life.

The 1970’s are definitely my most favorite fashion decade, I collect the most patterns from then. 1990’s and early 2000’s is my least favorite 😬😂. I have come around to the idea of chokers, but I still don’t endorse them ha ha!

Below are some of my favorite vintage patters that can be modernized to todays styles. I paired them with some current styles I have seen online as inspiration. I fully endorse pattern hoarding, because as you can see below, fashion believes in reincarnation. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what the pattern could be, that’s why it’s nice to see a modern day equivalent to what it can become.

This tiered dress flashes forward to this beautiful Christy Dawn dress.
This fun ruffle dress from 30 years ago looks SO cute in this current Ulla Johnson chambray dress.
This sweet ruffle top from the 70’s was given a super cool and modern look with AMAZING fabrics done by ace&jig
Nothing is more 70’s than this caftan patternEmersonFry did it right in 2017 with light fabrics and mix and match patterns.
This playsuit pattern pales in comparison to this amazing liana kohn jumpsuit, but you can see that by just tweaking the darts you can have a modern silhouette.

As you can see, the styles are reborn, but the fabrics change and evolve. Sewing for yourself is so much fun because you can create the things you see, it’s almost like a super power. Unfortunately, nothing beats those designer fabrics 😍. They’re so unique and soft.

I made a chambray top using Simplicity pattern 8406
Jumpsuit using Simplicity pattern 7000. By making the pockets larger you get a more modern look, similar to the Ilana Kohn jumper. 

Happy sewing, everybody! 😊

One thought on “What’s Old is New

  1. Hi!
    So creative!
    Do you have a favorite place to buy fabric? I am going to have to check out my mom’s old pattern drawer!


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