Ace&Jig Love

With Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan: Owners of ace&jig

This month I found my name in March’s issue of Elle Magazine talking about one of my most favorite brands, ace&jig. In November my sister-in-law and I went up to Los Angeles to participate in ace&jig’s shop and swap. It was an opportunity to meet people from the #aceangjigcommunity. We could bring our gently used items and swap them for other people’s items, or buy new things at phenomenal prices.

This community has been such a light in my life. I have met so many strong and generous women ❤️ Women who reach out to me, who go out of their way for me, who come visit me when they’re in town (I’m waiting for ya, Kristi!). We’ve built a little community of pocket friends. People who you can check in with and reach out to throughout the day. These women go beyond “Instagram Friends.” When one of our fierce members wanted to pursue her passion of drawing, but had no where to draw, the community pulled together and donated money for a drawing desk. When I switched jobs and had to skip a paycheck because my current job only pays once a month, a member of the community bought a skirt for me at full price (because it was an “exclusive” piece that sold out everywhere!) and allowed me to make payments to her while I waited for my check to come in. They are full of love and compliments, no put downs allowed in this community! The community even gave me confidence in my sewing skills and they support me everyday.

We trade and sell clothing to each other via social media, when the clothing arrives at our front door there is always so much more than just the dress in the beautifully wrapped packages. There is always a hand written letter, make-up or products that your #aceandjigfriend might enjoy, and one dear friend even sent cat toys for my fur babies!! The creators of ace&jig already go above and beyond by creating ethical and sustainable clothing. They provide a farm and daycare for the people that work for them, they are true and kind in their dealings and they give us opportunities to all gather in one place and meet each other IRL 😊

I wear their clothing almost every single day to work, not only because it’s beautiful and comfortable, but because it represents what I want to be in this life. It helps me do just a little bit of good by supporting people who are going above and beyond in a somewhat broken world. They are healing the wounds of the past by moving forward with a conscious. They are what I hope to be, and maybe, just maybe by wearing their clothing I can become better by osmosis 😂



Even my cats love the super soft feel of their fabrics
I wore ace&jig on both of my picture days at work (as well as my photo ID day, passport day, and green card photo day)

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