Trying in 2018



Wellp it’s been forever. A lot happened in 2017. Good things, like a new position in my job, a Disney cruise, and Bengal kittens. Bad things, the worst thing to have happened to me yet, losing our baby Bengal Tomas.

Tomas was 11 months, we still miss him every single day. TumTum had an awful and gruesome freak accident where the cat tree fell on him while we were at work. I will never forgive myself for not thinking that as a possibility. We will never know for sure, but it seemed like he was climbing it to the top to be with Crosby, and Crosby must’ve jumped off the top, tipping it over while he climbed. Danny found him when he went home for lunch. It was gruesome. Our hearts are forever broken. We don’t have children, we have cats that we love with all our hearts.

Those who have lived with Bengals know how smart, loving, trusting, heedless, and spectacular they truly are. His death tainted the entire year. The week Tomas died we reached out to the breeder and she let us know that his mom was having kittens that week. Tomas passed on October 20th, and his half-brothers were born on October 29th. We took home two brothers on December 19th. When your heart breaks in two, you will try anything to try and put it back together. A kitten for each piece of our heart seemed appropriate. We are honoring Tomas with the love he had for his brothers. TumTum died trying to be with his brother Crosby. He was climbing the cat tree to cuddle with him. We honor him with love.

It’s still almost impossible to see photos of him. Our hearts ache a little less every month, but I doubt they will ever stop aching.



Tomas’ half brothers … Moses (aka Mosey or MoMo) and Alfred (aka Alfie or FiFi)



We are looking forward to a new year, with hopefully more good than bad.

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