A Bit Here and There


I will try to do better this year. Maybe even one post a month! That would be a great improvement 😂 Today’s post will be short and sweet. Here are a few of my favorite internet findings from this month.

Hopefully, you will find something interesting or fun.

  • The cutest desk calendar I’ve ever seen! I made it for my own desk and absolutely love it! Get it for free from A Piece of Rainbow
  • This post is something that not only have I gone through recently, but many people around me have gone through it as well. Losing My Religion and Finding Myself
  • Danny and I ordered a robotic mouse toy for our fur babies this month that was featured at the annual Consumer Electronics Show this year. See what other things are in our future here.
  • I am always looking for good podcasts! Earlier this month I was thinking how on top of visiting my most favorite art museums I’d love to find a good art podcast that can fill the art and design void in between visits. This week I came across this blog post, and all my wishes came true! 14 Art & Design Podcasts Hosted by Women.
  • Here’s a less 3D 2018 Calendar that you can print for free.
  • The image of me at the top of this post was created with my new favorite photo editing app A Design Kit, I’m already addicted to it!
  • This made me laugh – Common Venmo Charges, Decoded.
  • These shoes by St. Agni are making me excited for spring!

I hope you found something worthwhile in the links above! And I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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