Oh Hey 2019!


“New year, new me!” Not really though, I am sure I will fall right back into the same old habits from yester year ha ha ☺

“New year, new calendar,” although a less popular phrase, is a truer phrase. I have compiled a list with links to my favorite 2019 calendars! All but one are free to print. I really love A Piece of Rainbow’s 3D calendar. I print it and put it together every year! Every January 2ndwhen I get back to work I print out new 2019 calendars and get myself organized. I keep a monthly calendar as well as a yearly “at a glance” calendar at my desk. I like to be able to see a month before and a month after since the year seems to move quickly and our deadlines seem to come faster and faster each year! I bought an agenda this year, too! But I haven’t really used it yet except for putting in all of the Hallmark Holiday movie premiers ☺There were over 30 movies this year so I had to find a way to keep up!


#1Harry Potter One Page Calendar

#2The Crafted Life’s 2019 Calendar

#3A Piece of Rainbow’s Beautiful Floral Calendar

#4Lia Griffith’s Desktop Calendar (not free, but her subscription is worth every penny! Especially if you have a Cricut.)

#52019 Calendar Stickers (I really like the cat ones! These are great to put on notebooks and folders.)

#6A Piece of Rainbow’s 3D Calendar (one of my favorites every year!)

The new year is always an exciting time. There is this sense of hope in the air; a hope that we can fix the things we didn’t like from last year. I am diving back into my blog in hopes that it keeps me off the news. Every day it’s something new and worse from the day before! It’s impossible to keep up and I was depressed trying to. Ignorance is bliss never rang more true. I am going to still read the LA Times each morning and read Crooked Media’s newsletter every evening (I highly suggest you subscribe to it if you want to follow the news but have a hard time doing so), but I will not fall into the rabbit hole. The midterm elections brought me hope and I am hoping the new team will allow me to take my eyes off the road every once in a while ☺


Happy New Year!!

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