Chinese New Year – Garland

February 5th marks the lunar year and this year it’s the year of the pig! The pig is the 12th zodiac animal and is a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. Their chubby faces and big years are considered to be signs of fortune!

I learned some fun things about Chinese New Year over here. Did you know another name for Chinese New Year is the Spring Festival? It’s a good time to pray to gods and fight off monsters. You can’t shower three days after the new year as to not wash away the good luck and don’t even think about throwing out the trash during that time! If you were born in the year of the Pig, then this year is bad luck for you. Just try and stick it out.

The New Year greeting in Chinese is “xin nian kuai le” which means “congratulations on the fortune.”

It’s also a great time to get another fresh start if you already ruined your January 1st resolutions 🙂 I made a garland which you can make on your Cricut by clicking here!.

May you have great luck and good fortune in the year of the pig!

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