The Stahl House

Over the weekend my dad, Danny and I went to visit case study house #22. It was literal heaven on earth. It’s hard to believe a family raised three children there! The entire backyard is pool and cliff, but it’s so dreamy that I’d do it in a heart beat! It’s a beautiful house on a magical lot. Here are pictures from our day. 


my papi and i in front of the Stahl House
the views!!
the lot next door was the Stahls as well, in the 70s they sold it and reitred with that money!
I could have sat here all day
Mr. Stahl and his sons built that little path themselves in order to be able to wash the windows. Mr Stahl wanted them to remove it before he passed, but then the problem arose again, how do you wash those windows?
this patio has clean drops on three sides.
they got the original blueprints out for my dad, he loved it so much!


who needs a tv when you have that view.


it was a good day

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