Back for 2017!

Well, it’s almost been a year since my last post. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to keep up with my blog! Maybe I should start small, one post every two weeks. Two post a month. It’s not a bad goal, it seems pretty easy to achieve. It’s too late for January, but I can go strong in February 😂 

 Not much has happened over here, we did get a new little kitten for Christmas! 

His name is Tomás. And we love him ❤️ 

He’s a true Sour Patch Kid, first he’s sour then he’s Sweet, but we are hoping Crosby will put him in his place! 😬😂

 Some other exiting things that have happened recently are :

Getting to see van Gogh’s Bedroom at the Norton Simon Museum!

My always favorite Girl with Book 

And my dad and I went mad with the #museumofselfies hashtag …

Obsessed 😂

My aunt Berenice came to visit us from Argentina for a month! We took her to Disneyland and I had her come visit me at work.

Oh! I got a new job, it’s a very wonderful and fabulous job ❤ I work at Cal State Fullerton, I work for the college of humanities and social sciences and I couldn’t be happier. Plus… I get to visit the arboretum everyday and work with the most kind and thoughtful people.

We also got to see the electrical parade on its opening night! If you’re in a situation where you can see it, i highly recommend it! 

Wellp, those are the most recent adventures, we’ve missed a lot in the last 10 months, but I am hoping to be better 🙌🏼 

Oh! I almost forgot! I got to meet my fashion idols/designers of one of my most favorite brands. Ace&Jig ❤

It was magical ✨

Here’s to a new year and hopefully better blogging 😂

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