Easter Garland 

I love decorating my apartment for the holidays, sometimes I can’t find decor that I love, so that’s when I have to take my Cricut  and scissors out and create my own!

I wanted a really bright and fun Easter garland this year, I also wanted a mixture of textures and colors.

Supplies needed: Yarn I wanted a lot of colors, so this little kit was perfect : Twine : Construction paper in white and pastel colors :

  1. Cut 11 triangles or little banners out. You can also cut a shadow for them. I used my Cricut and did a scalloped edge. Alternate colors to give it a fun Spring look.
  2. Cut or write out the letters “Hoppy Easter” you can do the regular, “Happy” but “Hoppy” is so much more fun 🙂
  3. Make yarn tassels the length of the banners. Use two pieces of yarn per color and then wrap another piece of yarn about an inch from the top, creating a loop.
  4. Place a tassel in between each letter and hang it up!



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