The Beauty Blender

If you haven’t used the Beauty Blender before, you need to try it. I didn’t get the hype, it just looked like a regular sponge, shaped like an egg. Then I ordered one through Birchbox, and it changed my life! It really is amazing. It’s totally worth the hype! You wet it and it grows, then put your foundation on there and smooth away your imperfections. The perfect amount of foundation goes onto your skin, because of the damp sponge it doesn’t go on cakey. Then you clean it, and set it out to dry. I don’t use foundation all over my face, so the fact that I can get foundation put on smoothly and thinly is great. There are no lines on my face from where I have foundation and where I don’t.

Their direct website can be found here .

You can also find the sponges at Sephora . If you have a gift certificate to there, you can apply it.

You can find them at Birchbox and use your points towards it!

And if you need it like now, you can order it on Amazon and get two day shipping.

There are many options, use your favorite and get one now, you won’t regret it.

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