St. Patty’s Day Garland

St. Patty’s Day is all about the green, which is fine, but I want it to be a little bit more about the GOLD. I’ve come up with this garland to add a little shimmer into your green March.

Supplies: Gold Fringe Garland : White Construction Paper : Colored Construction Paper : Twine : Double Sided Tape :

  1. Take the gold fringe garland and section it off into four even parts.
  2. Take the four even parts and cut that into four even sections. This will get you four tassels per section. You will end up with 16 tassels total. 
  3. In the middle of each tassel grab a piece of twine and tie a knot. Double and Triple knot it to secure the tassel in the middle. Then create a loop with the remaining twine.
  4. Secure the tassel with double sided tape, loop it around a couple of times to create a tight section under the loop. Cover the double sided tape with a piece of gold fringe. 
  5. Cut 9 banners out. I did a white rectangle and then cut two points on the ends.
  6. Cut the letters “oh so lucky” out, either by hand or with a Cricut. If you don’t want to cut anything else you can make it really fun and paint the letters on!
  7. Place three tassels on the twine, then start adding the banners. Put one tassel in between each letter, and two tassels in between every word.
  8. Place the last three tassels on the end and tie a loop.
  9. Hang your banner up and call it a day! Now you have some gold sparkle in your life.


I hope you like your banner as much as I do, I am even tempted to make a banner of only gold tassels to hang underneath and make it extra sparkly.



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