Favorite Valentine’s Day cards

It’s the month of LOVE! I went ahead and gathered up all of my favorite Valentine’s Day cards! There are SO many out there so I grouped them into different categories. Order now so they get to you in time!

My favorite Rifle Paper cards :


The Moon : Pine for You  : Mi Amor : Cool Cat

I found this shop on Etsy and they had THE MOST AMAZING cards! The Annie Hall one is perfection. The store is called Seas and peas:


Annie Hall : PeeWee : D in a Box  : Mike Tyson

If you are in your late twenties/early thirties this card is probably perfect for you and your bestie. I know it is for me and mine! :




These cards made me laugh! I am not too mushy so humor is more of my route.

Funny cards below :



Time : Naughty card : Bed

California Love  : Caged : Dom and Letty

 Funniest card to me :  

You get a card Card!
In my quest for awesome Valentine’s Day cards I came across a whole new category, the Kanye West Cards. Here were some of the funniest I found :



Imma Be : Kanye love Kanye : Be Kanyes : Love Kanye

 Happy Valentine’s Month! 

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