Happy Weekend and Favorite Links

Well, it’s been a week! We had a wonderful weekend last weekend and Danny kept joking that it was the universe preparing us for the crummy week we’d be hit with. I wasn’t able to blog this week, but I wanted to do a quick post with some of my favorite links this month. Below you will find articles I loved, tutorials and recipes I can’t wait to try, and much more!

Happy weekend, friends! I hope it’s a good one.

Favorite Tutorials:


Carnation Toppers : Lip Balm DIY : Paper Plant  : Mini Photo Book : Cat Valentine’s Day  : Palm Leaf Pillow  :

Favorite Fashion post:


Ace&Jigs Spring Line  : Best 70s Style  : The Most Beautiful Dresses : Culottes in the Winter :

Favorite Recipes:


Avocado on Toast Six Ways : Five Ingredient Salads :Detox Salad : Half Baked Harvest Top Ten Recipes  :

Favorite Articles:


Star The Morning Right  : Best Time of the Year to Buy Anything  : Best of 2016 TV : Living Above a Business  :


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