Valentine’s Day Garland

Whenever I take down my Christmas decorations I always feel like my home is naked! It looks so bare and white (and I have decor on EVERY. SINGLE. WALL.)! I am a more is more type of person 🙂

Suffice it to say, I cannot wait to put up Valentine’s Day decorations. This year I’ve added a new little garland to the mix. It’s simple, and you can make it whatever color you want.

Supplies: Cutting machine, like the Cricut. or a heart punch : Sewing machine : card stock of your color choice (I used Recollection’s Pink Buttons Paper)

Step 1: Cut 60 hearts out.

Step 2: Pair up the hearts, one on top of another.

Step 3. Run them through the sewing machine.


Step 4: Open up the hearts!

You will have a 3D heart garland to hang up anywhere you’d like! The great thing about a garland like this is that you can shorten it, or add to it whenever you want, just sew more hearts!




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