Woody Allen Move Night

That’s what the present is. It’s a little unsatisfying because life is unsatisfying.

This movie is so wonderful! It’s well written, well cast, and shot in almost a magical way. I love movies that involve some sort of magic. It’s also a good one to watch on a rainy day. It deals with nostalgia, and how sometimes we aren’t happy with where we are in life (and time), and dream of the past. I think another reason why I love this movie so much is because it takes place in Paris. I am in love with Paris (though I’ve never been), it seems so romantic. The shots of the city make it seem like I am there, and I think that is probably what I love most about this movie. I suggest you watch this movie on a rainy day, but if there’s no rain in the forecast soon I suggest you sit down with the following to make your movie watching experience parfait!


macarons (Trader Joe’s has some great ones you just need to defrost, too!) : a little Cole Porter to set the mood while you pop some popcorn : Starry Night socks : this gorgeous kimono : Or you can be awesome in this Gold Jumper : This amazing print :

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