Hair How To: Curly Emilia

I’ve experimented with every type of curl: foam curlers, hot rollers, wands, and every size Hot Tools makes. After years of trial and error, I have finally found the one that gives me the curls, or waves, that I’ve been longing for.

The process is simple, but can be time consuming at first. Once you get the hang of it, it will take you no time at all. I can curl my entire mane in 12 minutes.

Step 1: Blow dry your hair, make sure it’s completely dry. I like to use a leave in conditioner and primer in my hair (the heat can be harsh on your strands if blow dried and curled too often).

Step 2: Plug in your curling iron and wait at least 15 minutes. I usually plug my iron in and do my make up, by the time I am done applying my make up the iron is heated evenly and ready to use. My curling iron of choice is Hot Tools 1 inch curling iron, model 1181.

Step 3: Part your hair where you desire, and then from there you will curl your hair in three sections, bottom to top.

Step 4: Holding the iron upside down, wrap the hair in a I one inch sections around the iron (going over the top of the iron first, that will get you curls that will curl away from your face, if you go under the iron first and twist towards your face, you will get curls a la Marrisa from The OC ), twisting the hair as it goes onto the iron.

Hold for 5-10 seconds and release! The longer you hold, the curlier the hair (it’s also very important to have a serious face when you curl your hair, it’s serious business 😉 


Step 5: Spray your hair with whatever hair spray you like, I like S Factor. Once it dries, BRUSH IT! Brushing it is very, very important. Nobody wants Shirley Temple curls, you want nice, wavy curls. Brushing it helps break up the curls a bit.

Step 6: OPTIONAL, add a root boost to your roots. I use Powder Play.

The curls should last you a while! What makes curls last is the HEAT. So, if they fall out soon after curling, try holding the hair on the iron a bit longer. Heat seals the deal. I usually get two days out of my curls, a little dry shampoo the following morning and I am good to go.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see all your curly curls!


Primer : Leave in conditioner  : Curling iron 1″ : Paddle brush  : Hairspray  : Root boost

PS: Have you seen the movie Curly Sue!? I just re-watched it the other day, and it’s still amazing! Obviously it stuck with me, hence the name of this post 😉

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